Sunday, April 12, 2015

A photographic depiction of progress

My favorite drill!
The animals of tiny house #1 
Helping hands make light work. Thanks Ellen!
Tiny House Enthusiasts Meet Up.  
Animals of tiny house #2
April 3rd - the first night with electricity!

Tools on tools on tools - everything you need to put up windows trim
My new table saw, hanging out with my great ladder!
Window flashing - done.
I learned how to route out room for the metal around my windows! A table saw is a wonderful tool.
The routing in progress.
Thanks Felipe for putting up the front windows trim.
Grilling outside after a long days work.
April 3rd - newly trimmed window and electrical panels - utility shed getting set up soon!
The start of the utility shed sub floor. 
Never forget your gloves while using your tin snips!
Adding flashing to the bottom of my utility shed subfloor - to keep out all rocks. Caulking to water proof.

The utility shed is taking shape.

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