Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Start of an adventure

Rendition #1 California Tiny House
The start of this tiny house adventure was a long time ago - growing up with an amazing family who always supported crazy ideas. Early on my brother decided to build a tiny house. It was my first introduction to the minimalist life. I have loved learning through his different renditions.
Rendition #2 Trailer in Missouri 
Two months ago a good friend suggested I watch Tiny: A Story About Living Small. I quickly fell in love with the idea of building and living in a tiny house.

Currently I have printed blueprints, found land to build/live on near work, and made final decisions on the barn raiser I am ordering. Next week I will be out at sea for work, but I plan on ordering the barn raiser by 8 Dec! I will try to blog once a week or more with updates about being in the Navy and living in a tiny house. I am hoping this blog will give family, friends, and fellow Tiny Housers a chance to follow my building adventures as well as my Navy travels. Happy Thanksgiving!

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