Sunday, February 8, 2015

Porch Stain

Mike, the Tumbleweed driver, suggested getting the porch weatherproofed first - so that was the project I tackled today!

- big brush for fast application on large surfaces
- washing deck in the morning so that the sun dried it out by afternoon
- figuring out how the well water worked and how to attach a hose to the valve.
- getting my car unpacked while the first round of stain dried
- getting 90% of the stain on the wood (10% on me...)

Not so much successes:
- going to home depot with no list
- great large paint brush too big for stain can opening
- the space under the trailer is tiny (about 2 feet), making the washing and staining process under the porch more exciting.
- Lots of drips.
- toilet, I advise having a toilet plan before you commit to an all day building project.

A shout out to my friends and family back home in Iowa. Thank you so much for all of the kind words of encouragement. No matter where the Navy takes me I will always be an Iowan!

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